RSim     Surface Plasmon Resonance

Herer we choose a thin silver film with d1=50e-9m = 50nm and n1=0.08, k1=4.1 @ lambda = 632.8nm wavelength. To couple the light to the resonance it is neccessary to use a glas prism or similar glas body with n0=1.5151, k0=0.0 ( not true, but sufficient for a first look). The surrounding medium is air with n7= 1.0 ( or more precise n7= 1.00029 @ standard conditions). Look at the sharp drop of the reflected intensity. It only occurs when p polarized light is used.
Choose different values for n0 and n7. The position of the resonance line is very senitive for that parameters. A different thickness of the silver film would give a much smaller peak.